Old Ship Church Tour

Monday, May 9, 2016  2:30 - 3.30

All ages are welcome.

Old Ship Church Tour
107 Main St Hingham, MA

Cost: Free

Experience description
A National Historic Landmark recognized for its exceptional value in interpreting the heritage of the United States, the Old Ship Meeting House has become a favorite landmark for visitors tracing family roots or the highlights of American history.
Built in 1681, Old Ship served two purposes: as a Meeting House where civic issues of the day were discussed, and as a place of worship on Sundays. Lively debates over the Revolution, the form American Democracy would take, and local issues such as property taxes, have taken place under its distinctive timber roof. 

Architecturally, the Meeting House is an example of Elizabethan Gothic style found in the early settlers native Hingham, England. The great curved timbers that support the roof were cut from bowed oak limbs grown in local forest. Axe hewn, no two are exactly alike in dimension. Although it’s still a mystery, the name Old Ship may have been inspired by the unusual roof structure, which resembles the hull of a ship.

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