Reluctant Writer? Join the next beginner creative writing class of Druidawn!

Wednesday Feb 27 - Apr 17 at 2:30pm - 3:30pm Eastern
ages 8-14
$80 for 8 weeks

Druidawn is an interactive role playing game that uses creative writing and problem solving to overcome obstacles in a group setting.

Legends of Druidawn: Beginners 

Legends of Druidawn uses fantasy role playing (dragons, elves, quick-sand OH MY!) to stimulate the imaginations of the players and becomes an excellent source of ideas.  It is based entirely in Druidawn, a fantasy world where the adventures take place.  Legends of Druidawn motivates children to write creatively.  Players will participate in a verbally interactive story-adventure that requires imaginative, cooperative problem-solving in order to overcome obstacles. 

The teacher will guide the players through various adventures with the help of maps, dice, and character sheets. Think Dungeon and Dragons but with a creative writing element.  Druidawn classes are always sure to be fun, interesting, and a little crazy! 

Week 1
Tales of how Druidawn came to exist.
Character creation information and how the game works.  This week requires a lot of listening, the student interactions will begin in earnest on week 2.

Weeks 2-7
The adventure unfolds as our characters travel to the Shadow Knight's training grounds and beyond.

Week 8
The characters complete their training and are awarded their Shadow Knight's certificate.  Now they are in the service of the queen and will be called upon to partake in many adventures throughout the Druidawn kingdom.

Class interaction:
This class involves a lot of interaction with the teacher and other students.  Please be sure that your child has a good internet connection and can hear/be heard clearly on Zoom.

Each week there will be optional homework.  This will be explain verbally to the students and posted on Outschool to the parents so that everyone knows what work should be completed.  Students can put in as little or as much time as they choose.  Their characters will benefit from their efforts.
I encourage the students to send me their homework electronically but that is not required.  They can do all their homework written on paper and either send me a picture OR just don't send it in at all.  Either way is good.

Ability to write at least basic sentences.  The optional homework is tailored to YOUR child's abilities.  Although the homework is optional, I promise your child will want to complete each week's assignment!

Legend of Druidawn: Dragons

Legend of Druidawn: Dragons

Are dragons your favorite part about being a Shadow Knight in the world of Druidawn? Do you want to learn about their history and culture? If you have pet dragons or just a curiosity this class is for you!

If you are already a Shadow Knight, please join me on
Wednesday, March 6th 10-10:35am Eastern
Wednesday, March 20th 1:30 - 2:05pm Eastern

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Legends of Druidawn: Mermaids, Marina and Her Sea

Legends of Druidawn:
Mermaids, Marina and Her Sea

Ah, and overlord and her dragon, what could be sweeter?
The Overlords of Druidawn are mythical and powerful. Overlord Marina rules the seas. Shadow Knights may come in contact with her during an adventure. Learn about mermaids (merfolk) and Marina's place in Druidawn.

If you are already a Shadow Knight, please join me on

Wednesday, March 13th 10-10:35 am Eastern

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