SUPER FAST CAMP Beginner class!
Become a Knight of Druidawn in 1 week, then you can move along to adventures!
This is a bit more intense than the 8 week version but it's fun to Druidawn 4 times in a week!

It meets for 90 minutes, 4 days

Mon Feb 21, 3:30pm - 5pm Eastern 

Wed Feb 23, 3:30pm - 5pm Eastern 

Thu Feb 24, 3:30pm - 5pm Eastern 

Fri Feb 25, 3:30pm - 5pm Eastern

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I will be working on my June/July/August schedule.  If you have certain weeks that you would love to see a camp (that is an adventure that starts and concludes in one week, usually meeting 4 times in that week) please let me know what week would be perfect for you.  And, if you have a certain adventure you wish to see on the schedule that week please let me know that too.
Also, general wishes for days of the week, times of day, for the summer months would be good to hear as I come up with my schedule.
FYI I will be taking off most Tuesdays. 
I can be contacted at

 I need 2 more students to run this adventure.

If you haven't done a pet adventure yet this is your chance!
Your ANIMALS adventure without their knights!
It's challenging to think as a new "character"!
Legends of Druidawn: Pet Adventure (Loyalty)»
Fri Feb 11, 12pm - 12:55pm Eastern
Fri Feb 18, 12pm - 12:55pm Eastern
Fri Feb 25, 12pm - 12:55pm Eastern
Fri Mar 4, 12pm - 12:55pm Eastern $52
Loyalty is key when the Knights are captured. Their animals must work together in this unique rescue adventure.
Students may choose to bring a single animal or up to 3 animals as long as I have their pet or mount sheet that includes attributes and all animals must be level 3 or above. Register here

Legends of Druidawn:
ShapeShifters, Wizards and Witches (Special Topic)
ShapeShifters, Wizards and Witches of Druidawn are direct dissidents of the Druids. Join me for this special topic class where you will learn what part these powerful races play in the world of Druidawn.

Fri Feb 4
Meets once
12pm - 12:35pm eastern
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