Continuing Adventures! Legends of Druidawn: Goodwill Ambassadors

The adventure continues!
Goodwill Ambassadors

Are you a Shadow Knight?  Would you like to help Queen Jessica avoid a war?

Join my next continuing adventure class.  
This class is appropriate if you have taken a Druidawn class online or in person.

There has been much animosity between villages on the island of Desira, ruled by Overlord Jailora.
The main contention is the rights to a large canal that runs on the outskirts of the two villages.  
Thus far Overlord Jailora has not done much to help the village leaders come to a peaceful agreement about canal rights. Jailora is overly occupied with her own comfort and concern about beauty and wealth.  Queen Jessica feels it is time to send the Shadow Knights as ambassadors to work this out before it turns into a war.
Wed July 31 - August 21 at 3pm  - 4pm Eastern
Meets once a week for 4 weeks

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