There is a 30 minute sidekick creation info class today! 


This class is those that have finished the Beginner Druidawn class AND completed at least 4 Druidawn adventures.

Being a Knight of Druidawn is an exciting life, filled with many experiences and adventures...
Sometimes you, the real-life person, would like to create new characters, explore new ways of proceeding through adventures!

This is your chance!
Sidekick adventures will require a new character that is not your Knight character.
To prepare for your first sidekick adventure you will need to take this 30 minute class.
Sidekicks will only be used in SIDEKICK ADVENTURES.  They will not go along with your knight on adventures.

The sidekick rules will be discussed, sidekick character creation will be reviewed and we will chat about how sidekicks can enrich your Druidawn experience!

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