I need 2 more students to run this adventure.

If you haven't done a pet adventure yet this is your chance!
Your ANIMALS adventure without their knights!
It's challenging to think as a new "character"!
Legends of Druidawn: Pet Adventure (Loyalty)»
Fri Feb 11, 12pm - 12:55pm Eastern
Fri Feb 18, 12pm - 12:55pm Eastern
Fri Feb 25, 12pm - 12:55pm Eastern
Fri Mar 4, 12pm - 12:55pm Eastern $52
Loyalty is key when the Knights are captured. Their animals must work together in this unique rescue adventure.
Students may choose to bring a single animal or up to 3 animals as long as I have their pet or mount sheet that includes attributes and all animals must be level 3 or above. Register here

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