Tomorrow - spend some time with your favorite RPG teacher!  3 fun classes on Friday.

Fri Mar 11, 10am - 10:35am Eastern. $8
Legends of Druidawn: Evil Overlords (Special Topic)

The overlords keep Druidawn safe but many are on the evil side of morality. Jallora, Raytor, Riann and Vanderis are varying degrees of less-than-friendly. Learn more about these powerful overlords!

Fri Mar 11, 10:45am - 11:20am Eastern. $8
Legends of Druidawn: Good Overlords (Special Topic)

The overlords keep Druidawn safe any many are on the good side of morality, interested in helping the citizens, the planet and the creatures. Aeron, Bethevan, Kulaan, Marina, Tiberios and Uriel. Learn more about these kind overlords!

Fri Mar 11, 12pm - 12:45pm Eastern. $8
Legends of Druidawn: Let's Chat!

This class is those that have finished or at least begun the Beginner Druidawn class. Do you LOVE Druidawn? Is there not enough time to talk about your character, pets, magic during the adventures? This class is for you!

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