Solo Adventure 1 starts Sunday!

Does your knight ever wish to adventure on their own? No group to consult, no other knight's actions to consider? This is for you! It's a completely different experience!
Legends of Druidawn: Solo Adventure #1 Flex class, no live meetings, adventure at your own pace.
A solo adventure for Knights that have completed the Beginner class.
In this solo adventure the knight will attempt to resolve each situation/obstacle.
Because you are a Knight of Druidawn you have been contacted by the Wizard's Guild for a job of high importance. Druid's Keep, the top secret island off the cost of Desira, has been invaded. Only you can be trusted to save the keep and its secrets.
In this flex adventure the student will be in contact with Melissa, via the Teacher page, 1 to 3 times a week (depending on how quickly the student completes adventure actions and homework). Situations and settings will be described, the student will respond with their actions along with writing assignments that go along with their actions.
Weekly writing assignments will be posted to the classroom and all students will be required to respond in order to converse about the topic of the week in relation to their solo story. Students should finish the weekly assignment by midweek so they can participate in class discussions. This is an important part of the class and I know you love to talk about your characters! Register for Solo 1

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