Come for an hour of Writer's Club!

Thu Jul 28, 5:30pm - 6:25pm Eastern

This class is for Druidawn students who have already completed the Legends of Druidawn: Beginner class. This class will bring together enthusiastic writers to share and talk about their Druidawn-based stories.

At it's core Druidawn encourages creative writing. For some this is a frequent flow of words that go beyond the homework in Druidawn adventures. Students are invested in this world and write about their characters, animals and the magical Druidawn world around them.

This class gives Druidawn students a place to share their Druidawn-based work and discuss it.

Each writer will be required to post their story at least a week ahead of time. The week gives the students time to read the stories so they will be ready to discuss in class.
Minimum 1 page, maximum 6 pages.

Everyone will need to read the stories in order to prepare for the class discussion.

In class each writer will read a short portion (a few paragraphs) from their story which will be followed by student-led discussion.

The class is limited to 4 students so each student can expect at least 10 minutes of discussion about their own work.

There is no formal teaching involved in this class, it is an opportunity for Druidawn writers to share their work and support one another.

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