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Escaping the Zevaar Desert
In the blazing hot sand lands of the Zevaar Desert, ruled by the fiery overlord Riann, you must escape the confines of Riann’s intricate and deadly dungeons, having been imprisoned there against their will. The ultimate reward is their freedom, but they must choose the right path in order to evade Riann and her formidable Fire Elemental army, as well as her skillful sorceress. You must also avoid the many life-threatening and often hidden dangers that lay in the Zevaar Desert and the oceans beyond.
Starts on Mon, Jan 23, 7 PM. Ongoing Adventures (Continent Series #3)
The Finder is lurking on a vast continent with many hidden secrets and areas of interest.  Characters will venture throughout this part of Druidawn® through many adventures with endless challenges.

Thu, Feb 9 – Thu, Mar 16 5:30 PM Eastern. Ye Olde Tyme Dungeon Crawl #3 (An Unofficial Druidawn® Sidekick Adventure)
(must have taken the 30 minute sidekick creation class, there is one on Jan 30th if you haven't taken it already)
There are multiple sidekick dungeon crawls, you do NOT need to go in order!  They are independent of each other.
Nothing fancy, nothing special.  This adventure is straight-forward old fashioned dungeon crawling! It's time to explore, loot, battle, navigate!
Undead, weapons, treasure, monsters, secrets, traps.  Is it worth the risk?  Your sidekick should be prepared!  What magic will you enter with?  Are animals useful or just another thing you have to keep track of? 
Fri, Feb 10 – Fri, Mar 3 1:30 PM Eastern. Micro Adventures #1
This 4 week class will consists of 4 mini-adventures for the Knights of Druidawn.  Each will be a stand-alone situation.

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