Druidawn friends!

I have had an amazing artist creating my adventure scenes for a few years and now she is headed to college.
I need a new artist!

I generally need about 6 scenes a year.
If you know a young artist who may be interest please contact me!
I prefer to be contacted by the parent/guardian initially.
I would like sample submissions including: animals, people, buildings and landscapes.

If hired would pay $30 each for the first 2 and then, if we both decide to continue I would increase it to $40 per picture.
The way it works is I send the artist detailed scene descriptions and I can provide additional details if the artist has questions.

Unlimited use of the commissioned art would be granted to me but copyright would remain with the artist.

I am open to any sort of art.. procreate, watercolors... ANYTHING. The artist may submit whatever they feel is a good representation of their work.


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