I am so excited for August!

First, I am going to Japan for 2 weeks!

Second, at the end of August there are a bunch of camp style adventures that take place over a period of a week! Here are the camp options that have spots available (yes, you CAN be in more than one adventure at a time!)

Mon, Aug 21 – Fri, Aug 25 10:30 AM Eastern. Shadow and Light Camp

Tue, Aug 22 – Fri, Aug 25 12:00 PM Eastern. Circe and the Labyrinth Camp

Tue, Aug 22, 2:00 – 2:30 PM Eastern. Druidawn®: Sidekick Creation (Special Topic) (if you haven't created a sidekick yet, take this 30 minute class and sign up for the 2 days Island adventure on the 24th!)

Tue, Aug 22 – Fri, Aug 25 3:30 PM Eastern. Micro Adventures #1 CAMP

Thu, Aug 24 – Fri, Aug 25 2:00 PM Eastern. Island

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