For those that aren't aware that I am a Pokémon MOM.... here's a moment of me putting on that proud mom hat!

My son, Ian Robb, has been a top Pokémon competitor for 13 years.  We lived and breathed Pokémon for most of his life.  

I love when I hear that kids are watching and rooting for him when he's on stream at a tournament.
One reason I love to talk about Ian's 13-year Pokémon success is to encourage parents to see that Pokémon (Ian plays the card game) can be much more than just a fun "kid's game". Ian has traveled the world playing this "kid's game". College was partly paid for from winning scholarship money from this "kid's game". And he is making a pretty great living right now by coaching players of this "kid's game" before he goes to grad school. If anyone wants to talk Pokémon, how it can be something more than just a fun game (great for learning math and reading skills!), I am happy to chat!
(FYI if your kid is into Pokémon VG - video game - I don't know a lot about that but I do know about tournaments so I am help with those questions too.)
North America International Championship (NAIC) is next weekend, the final IC of the season before Worlds in Hawaii. Ian is currently ranked 2nd in NA and 7th in the world. They talked a bit about Ian on the preview show today.

Click here to watch the casters talk a bit about him....Minute 39:00

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