Druidawn Adventures - So many to choose from!

Happy New Year!

My upcoming Beginner classes are currently full, watch for more to be scheduled!

There are many Druidawn adventures for experienced Shadow Knights to join! 
Some start Wednesday, January 8th and a few the following week. 

Upcoming classes:

Legends of Druidawn: Escaping the Zavaar Desert (Advanced)
6 Weeks, Once a Week
Wed Jan 8 - Feb 12 at 10am Eastern
Only 3 spots left

Legends of Druidawn: The Frozen North (Advanced)
5 Weeks, Once a Week
Wed Jan 8 - Feb 5 at 1:30pm Eastern

Legends of Druidawn: Circe and the Labyrinth (Advanced)
6 Weeks, Once a Week
Wed Jan 8 - Feb 12 at 4pm Eastern

Legends of Druidawn: Technic City (Advanced)
Adventure for Shadow Knights that have completed the Beginner's and AT LEAST 3 CONTINUING ADVENTURES. Druidawn is an interactive role playing game that uses creative writing and problem solving to overcome obstacles in a group setting.
6 Weeks, Once a Week
Wed Jan 15 - Mar 11 at 8pm Eastern

Legends of Druidawn: Burgean Mountains (Advanced)
5 Weeks, Once a Week
Wed Mar 18 - Apr 29 at 8pm Eastern

You can find all the links here on my Outschool profile

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